Eliminate Odors in Your Home BEFORE Selling

Dated: January 31 2019

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Eliminating bad odors from your home is very important before listing your home for sale.  You will want to make sure that you’ve removed them before putting your home on the market.  Often, the first thing buyers notice upon entering your home, is how it smells.  If there is an odd odor it will instantly tun them off.  It doesn’t matter how beautifully staged or how well kept, if there are strong odors, like pet or food odors, it will make the home unappealing to prospective buyers.  I’m sure you have heard of the term “nose blind”, this means you do not smell the odors, but other people who do not live in the home do.  If you cook with strong seasonings or own a pet, ask a friend or relative what they smell upon entering your home.  If they say they can smell your pet, or cooking odors, you will want to follow the following odor eliminating tips to ensure your home smells fresh.

Don’t Use Artificial Freshening Sprays, Plug-ins or Solid Air Fresheners

Don’t make the mistake of using freshening sprays, plug-ins or solid air fresheners in the hopes that it will remove the odor.  Deodorizers quickly fade and only mask the smell, sometimes in an overwhelming way.  If a buyer walks into your home, these items can cause an allergic reaction which would be a problem for any potential buyer.  It could also make the buyer suspicious of an underlying foul odor.  Instead of trying to mask it, locate the actual source of the bad odor and work to get rid of it.

Ways to Remove Odors from Carpets, Furniture and Air Naturally

We all love our furry friends, but unfortunately, they can make your home smell.  Whether the smell is in the carpet, furniture or even on the walls, it is essential to remove the odor.  Most odors stem from accidents.  You always want to attend to the accident right away.  Blot the spot with a paper towel and use mild dishwashing liquid or an enzyme cleaner to help remove the stain by spraying the spot and letting it sit for a few minutes. Blot the spot until it is removed. Once completed removed, blot again with fresh paper towels to dry the carpet or fabric. Activated charcoal is another way to help remove pet odors.  It is a form of carbon that is extremely porous which aids in removing odors.  You can get enzyme cleaners and activated charcoal meant for pet odors at most pet stores. You can also use baking soda to help remove smells in the air, leave an open box out to absorb any strong odors or use vinegar in a bowl for 24 hours to absorb odors in the air.  Vinegar can be used to wipe down walls, floors etc and this can help eliminate odors that may be on those surfaces. During warmer weather you can also open windows to bring in fresh air.

Once you believe you have eliminated the odors in your home, have that friend or relative come back to your home and ask them if your home now smells fresh and clean!

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