What to Look for in a Montgomery County Luxury Home

Dated: September 21 2018

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Many homebuyers dream of owning a beautiful, modern, luxurious home decked out with all the best amenities. For those fortunate folks who are actually poised to purchase such a home, however, careful consideration is essential. That’s why I’ve laid out the following tips to help you find a luxury home that meets your needs as well as your desires. 

Beginning your search

Luxury home sellers often prefer to maintain a low profile. As a result, their homes may be unlisted or minimally advertised, making it difficult for you to find out when a luxury home becomes available for sale. Hiring a Potomac experienced agent, especially someone who has the requisite connections, can give you a huge advantage when trying to track down luxury homes on the market. 

Looking from above

While seeing photos of a luxury home can give you a good idea of its architectural style and key features, you’ll want to do a bit more research before deciding to attend an open house or book a showing. Try typing the luxury listing's address into Google Maps to access the Street View. This will help you get a better picture (literally) of the home’s plot, yard space, and overall landscaping. Not sure if a home has that in-ground pool you’ve always wanted? Google may show you if this home will fulfill that dream, even if the public listing details do not.

Smart technologies

Considering the price tag, it should be a given that the luxury home you’re looking for will have modern flooring, fixtures, the most up-to-date appliances, and other features. To stay on the absolute cutting edge of home technology, you should choose a luxury home that also comes equipped with an automated control system. Smart home systems will allow you to adjust blinds, turn lights on and off, adjust the temperature, and more, all from your smartphone!

Bathroom basics

A truly luxurious Potomac home will have a beautiful, high-tech bathroom. Popular features include high-end jet tubs that can shoot sounds waves through the water, and showers designed to mimic the rainforest or falling rain. Electronic control panels on such tubs and showers make adjusting temperatures and other settings a breeze.

To ensure you're looking at only the truly luxurious Montgomery County homes, make sure to reach out to your local realty expert for advice and guidance on how to hunt for your dream home!

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